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Lesbian Parenting Group

An open environment, where no one is judged and all lifestyle choices are accepted.

Our Lesbian Parenting Group provides families run by Lesbian Mothers and/or Lesbian Couples seeking to become parents with an opportunity to discuss general parenting issues as well as topics specific to being Lesbian parents.

Psychiatric Consultation Services

Parents who attend this group can also take advantage of our Psychiatric consultation services, which are offered at this same convenient location in Tucker GA.

The Goal of the Forum

  • Allow parents with children and adolescents to discuss general parenting issues as well as best practices specific to being lesbian parents
  • Discuss child development issues including positive discipline, power struggles, and encouraging confidence and competence in your emerging toddler
  • Consider ways to interact with institutions (daycares, schools, places of worship) as you introduce your family to the world
  • Learn how similar families approach questions about race, donors, carriers, bio vs. non-bio parents and having more children
  • Network with other people who have walked in your shoes

Register Now

Our program is a fee for service offering; thus, please call our office to obtain cost and start time information. You can also register by submitting an email request on the contact page of this website.