For Individuals and Families:

We deliver the highest quality of psychiatric care in an environment where patients feel unrushed, thoroughly listened to and well informed.

  • Office Visit:  90% of patients are treated on time or within 10 minutes of a scheduled time
  • Providers:  Board Certified with a minimum of 15 years post residency training experience
  • Services:  Initial Evaluation is more than 60 minutes, medication follow up about 30 minutes, 88% of our competitors spends less than ½ that time with their patients
  • Payment Options:  Self Pay, limited private insurance and Medicaid
  • Philosophy:  WE Listen! More time with patients means our job is done right

Services Include:


Dr. Brown is a specifically trained Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist – completing a Child & Adolescent Fellowship from the Emory University Medical School; practicing in this genre for almost twenty years.  She creates a caring environment so that Children & Adolescent can be cared for in a thorough, efficient, well-organized and professional manner.  Evaluations for Children & Adolescent include, but are not limited to:  Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and School Difficulties.


We all know kids who can’t sit still and who never seem to listen.  Sometimes these children are labeled as troublemakers, or criticized for being lazy and undisciplined. However, they may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), formerly known as attention deficit disorder, or ADD. ADHD makes it difficult for people to inhibit their spontaneous responses—responses that can involve everything from movement to speech to attentiveness.

Our medical team of Board Certified experts use an extensive examination to evaluate and treat our patients with ADD/ADHD whose signs could include:

  • Not focused; is easily distracted or gets bored with a task before it’s completed
  • Appears not to listen
  • Difficulty remembering things and following instructions
  • Has trouble staying organized


Depression is a mood disorder defined by the following symptoms lasting daily for two or more weeks.  Depression leads to impairments in social, educational, occupational, or relational functioning as people report increased isolation, withdrawal, problems completing tasks, failing or difficulty fulfilling obligations.  It can be triggered by a number of issues whether life stressors, life transitions, postpartum, losses, trauma, health problems etc.

Our medical team of Board Certified experts use an extensive examination to evaluate and treat our patients with Depression whose signs could include:

  • Loss of energy or fatigue
  • Loss of pleasure in activities previously enjoyed
  • Psychomotor agitation or retardation
  • Hopelessness

  • Hopelessness

    Anxiety signals to humans that an action is necessary in order to avoid danger or harm. This is normal and even helpful to survival. However, anxiety becomes problematic to people when the feeling is present in situations where there are no threats or dangers causing impairment in social, occupational, or educational functioning.

    Our medical team of Board Certified experts use an extensive examination to evaluate and treat our patients with Anxiety whose signs could include:

    • Significant anxiety when thinking about or entering social or performance situations to where you avoid them?
    • Anxiety when exposed to specific feared objects or situation.
    • Panic attacks where you may have shortness of breath, heart rate increasing, and feeling you are losing control.


Cyberbullying is a big concern for parents and kids alike. But defining it, and helping children and teens understand exactly what it means is challenging.

The definition of bullying from is:

“Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems."


Children and teens either don’t recognize cyberbullying, or are often afraid, or unaware of how to stop it. Even if they see or hear about one incident that wouldn’t be considered, by definition, bullying.

However, today’s technology allows for “one time” incidents to escalate quickly, and it can quickly turn into cyberbullying. The developing brain and lack of impulse control, etc. also can exasperate the problem.

Our medical team of Board Certified experts use an extensive examination to evaluate and treat our patients whom face Cyber Bullying. Here are some things to discuss with your child/teen about cyberbullying and how we can put an end to this terrible trend:

  • How do you define cyberbullying? Parents, then share your definition with child.
  • Have you ever been bullied? What about cyberbullied?
  • Can you be cyberbullied via text, or just on social media?
  • What do you do when someone says something mean online about someone else? How about when someone says something mean about you?


WellMed is owned and operating by Doctor-Moms whose possess and in-depth knowledge of the complex medical and psychological issues affecting women today.  Experience that also includes the rapidly evolving landscape of reproductive psychiatry - the study and treatment of psychiatric disorders related to the female cycle, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Our approach to patient care is to understand a woman's emotional struggles in the context of her unique life history, her hormonal influences, her genetics and biology, her caregiver and other roles, and the impact of contemporary culture.

As a patient you will receive highly individualized, expert, and compassionate care in a safe, confidential environment. It is our belief that every woman deserves a warm, respectful partnership with her physician, an informed and collaborative role in the treatment process, and relief from suffering.


Family Therapy helps family members find constructive ways to help each other. Due to this flexibility, family therapy is useful in a wide range of situations. Family Therapy can be useful in childhood and adult conditions including conduct and mood disorders, eating disorders, drug abuse and psychiatric conditions as well as couples experiencing difficulties. Family therapy is useful throughout life and can be especially useful in the treatment of long term illness such as depression.

Family Therapy usually works within family groups but often includes work with people on an individual basis or, when appropriate, individual sessions within a series of family meetings. Family therapy may also include the social networks around families.  

Family Therapy is a possible treatment for a number of conditions including serious psychiatric illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia. Family therapy can be defined as any psychological treatment that focuses on:

  • Changing the way family members interact
  • Improving the functioning of the family as a unit
  • Improving the functioning of individuals in the family

Our medical team of Board Certified experts use an extensive examination to treat families seeking help to improve their lives and function in the community.