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For Businesses and Schools:

When seeking a Psychiatric Consultant, many organizations use Placement Services that charge outragous fees with no assurances the Consultant will remain or be a good fit.

WellMed is owned and operated by Psychiatrists, thus the “middle man” is removed. This means we offer better placement rates far below agencies like “Locums Tenums” and more precise “matching methods” to ensure your WellMed Psychiatric Consultant is a perfect fit.

For these reasons, Businesses and Schools have found that WellMed Psychiatric Consultants are loved by their patients/staff and deliver excellent results. If you have heard of “CHRIS 180” and Transitional Family Services, then you have heard of us, as those organizations were longtime Business Clients who used are Psychiatric Consultants.

The WellMed Promise is simple:

  • Doc/Match: With an average “tenure/stay rate” of three years, A Psychiatrist can be placed at your Mental Health Facility, Business or School
  • Providers: Board Certified with 90% possessing experience as a Medical Director
  • Services: Psychiatrist Assessments, Med Management, Expert Witness Testimony, Employee Screening, School Testing
  • Payment Options: A Contractual Service thus you will never pay Payroll Taxes or Healthcare Benefits
  • Philosophy: Be on time, Do our best work, Become an effective team player

Services Include:

Doctor Placement

Our corporate Psychiatric Medical Placement service for clients who seek a minimum of eight hours per week of mental health coverage performed by WellMed Medical or Psychological providers. We can conduct assessments and/or evaluations from our medical offices or travel to your corporate site. Services include:

  • Exclusive psychiatric evaluations uniquely tailored for your business by an insured and licensed physician
  • The peace of mind to have an “in house” Psychiatric or Psychological Professional that works with your management team and staff
  • Unlimited physical, videoconference and cell phone access to our Doctors during the requested “block” of time you have selected

WellMed OnDemand

A contracted Tele-Psychiatry service that can be used with our outpatient and consulting programs. WellMed psychiatrists use computers and web cams to provide assessments, therapy, and medication management with clients via a secure online video conferencing platform.

Well Med’s medical team is able to connect to clients located in Schools, Behavioral Health Clinics and Community Based Mental Health Organizations within a five mile or 1500 mile radius of Well Med’s corporate Tucker office. In essence, Tele-Psychiatry extends our service reach to urban & rural populations who may not have access to psychiatric medical resources

Psychiatric Consulting

The WellMed Consulting Psychiatrist can work alone or as part of your integrated team to formulate policy and procedure to address clinical features, treatment issues, prognosis and/or expected return to work. Our goal is to help your organization deliver sound Mental Health programming for the people you serve.

Military Outreach

As many of our providers come from Military Families, we at WellMed support our Veterans by offering patient-centered mental health services. Also as part of our Women’s’ Health program, we developed specialized services for Women Veterans who may need treatment for depression, pain management, coping with chronic general medical conditions, sleep problems, weight management, and posttraumatic stress disorder. (PTSD)

Community Service Providers

Whether you are a School System, Core Services Provider, Church or member of the Armed Services; you will find that our Psychiatrists work well with your teams, show up on time and do excellent work. Almost all of our Psychiatrists have worked in an administrative capacity, and can effectively balance the Mental Health needs of your organization. WellMed performs a host of psychiatric evaluations; including, but not limited to the potential for Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and School Difficulties.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our doctors perform civil and criminal evaluations such as: Competency to Stand Trial, School & Workplace Violence Risk Assessments, Claims of Disability, Child Custody Evaluations and Fitness for Duty.